Marketing & PR

We solve client's problems through Marketing/ PR support project that uses characters and Intellectual Property.
Creative content production capabilities that have won the hearts of many people cultivated through the character IP business
We will support you with the know-how that activates SNS communication as a strength.


Character Creation & Branding

We design characters that stimulate communication with consumers and create new businesses. We are good at planning and production that meets the needs of clients, such as development from scratch and branding of existing IP resources.


Quan has an in-house creator studio and produces not only illustrations but also videos, animated GIFs, and manga.
We will provide the creatives necessary for character utilization according to the scene.

Social Media Marketing

We propose collaborations with Quan characters. In addition to planning and managing campaigns increasing brand awareness, we will operate SNS over the medium to long term.
Quan, which has both character utilization know-how and production functions, supports clients' social media marketing through content creative.

Sales Promotion Tools

We have developed a digital sales promotion tool that enables campaign design with LINE stickers and LINE points as incentives.
We will also propose a package for producing existing character stickers owned by Quan


Social Media Marketing

Quan has long-term partnerships with the No. 1 SNS platformers in each country through the global expansion of its characters.
We provide a one-stop service from SNS selection according to the target to content production to operation.

IP Business Expansion

We provide deployment area selection, overseas digital strategy planning, local agent selection, 9-language localization, SNS management, marketing, etc. We have a wide range of experience such as in-house characters and licenses, and a lot of achievements in supporting Japanese companies.

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