25 Mar 2021


Quan character art into NFT

Over 4 billion downloads in the world wide, Quan’s own characters 35 pieces of art works have started to convert to NFT and are now on sale.

Quan Inc. began selling its digital character art through the NFT marketplace Rarible, Quan’s collection page (https://rarible.com/quaninc) on March 25th with the cooperation with Linker inc. The character art works that have been released this time are a total of 35 pieces, including the works that exhibited at our character art exhibition held in Bangkok in February 2020.

This time, Quan starts the project with Usagyuuun, Betakkuma, Business Fish, Sugar Cubs, and Mimi and Neko, all used as Stickers on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other SNS in all over the world. (All characters have more than 100 million downloads).

Each NFTs selling are featured on Rarible, and it is expected that it will attract a lot of attention. (https://rarible.com/)

◎About our blockchain business activity

In May 2018, we released the blockchain application (DApp) “CryptoCrystal”, which was 1st DApp launched by Japanese company (the jurisdiction is a Singapore corporation). It achieved 150,000 pre-registrations. To date, over 11,000 NFT characters have been created on the Ethereum public chain. Since the beginning of 2021, the value of CryptoCrystal NFTs in OpenSea and others have been increasing, and the project is getting attention again.


In 2019, in collaboration with Linker Inc., we also challenged to create the character license themselves into NFT. In the future, we plan to release various IPs, not only our own characters but also globally recognized characters and IPs as NFTs.


◎About our character and art works achievement

We are partnered with major chat apps around the world (Facebook, WeChat, Line etc.) to provide stickers to SNS users. The number of download stickers has exceeded 4.5 billion times, and it has become the most popular characters in various countries and is developing a character business. In February 2020, we held our first character art exhibition “Exposition Of Internet” in Bangkok, Thailand, which visited more than 1,500 people.


■ About Quan Inc.

Since 2012, we have been providing own character stickers to major messaging apps globally. We provide stickers to almost all major messaging apps around the world, including Facebook Messenger in the US, Whatsapp, WeChat in China, LINE in Japan, KakaoTalk in South Korea, Kik Messenger in Canada, and Zalo in Vietnam. Our main characters are used by users all over the world, and as of the end of September 2020, the cumulative number of downloads has exceeded 4 billion, and more than 90% are overseas users.

Other than the messaging app, we are also strengthening to provide TikTok contents, video media, VR / AR, blockchain, etc., and the number of SNS fans of our character account exceeds 5 million. In addition to the Internet service, the development of physical items and shops is expanding mainly in East Asia. It is also used in character marketing service by major domestic and overseas companies.

■Quan Inc.

Address: Tokyo, Japan

CEO: Kazuhiro Mizuno

URL: https://quan-inc.jp/en/

Inquiry: pr@quan-inc.jp

■Linker Inc.

Address: Tokyo, Japan

Representative Director: Minoru Yanai

URL: https://linker.plus/en

Inquiry: info@linker.plus

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