01 Mar 2021


4.5 Billion Global Downloads

As an Internet-Based Character Company, we has achieved 4.5 BILLION Global Sticker Downloads ! We would like to show you the Infographic on the History of how we managed to reach 4.5 BILLION Downloads.

To deliver Characters that people around the world can love, via Sticker services We believe that Character Stickers via Smartphone Messenger Apps, is a type of Non-Verbal Global Content that can create connections beyond the boundary of Languages. Since 2012, we have been actively releasing our self-published Character Stickers to various major Messenger Apps around the world. We are also the 1st Japanese firm to release Stickers to USA’s Facebook Messenger, and China’s WeChat Messaging Apps. As for the rest, we have released Paid-Stickers to Japan’s LINE and Korea’s Kakao Talk, as well as Free-Stickers to Canada’s Kik Messenger and Vietnam’s Zalo.

Our Stickers are being used by people around the World. In March 2021, the total number of downloads has reached 4.5 BILLION times.

Our Major Characters have achieved beyond being Stickers, and are being utilized in more than a 100 merchandizes in countries around Asia. And we’ve made deals with various corporates such as Daimaru, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, and Lawson.

Since 2019, we’ve managed to broadcast several Animation programs that utilized our Characters, such as [Business Fish], through our cooperation with TOHO. [Dancing Mowai-kun] has been broadcast as part of [OhaSta] Kids program in Tokyo TV Channel. And [Mashu the Rabbit] in TOKYO MX Channel.

To commemorate 4.5 BILLION Downloads, we would like to present the infographic Data of various circumstances that made us achieved it.

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