Funny and cute!!! Usagyuuun is a little bit surreal but cute rabbit. It brings Cuteness, Amusement, and Fun to the world with its intense movement !!!!!



Usagyuuun is a mix between a rabbit and a mochi (rice cake). It moves its elastic body vigorously to express its feelings! Always curious and on the look for interesting things, it can show up anywhere. It may even come to you any time! Who knows? Its surreal cuteness and intense movement are both big charming points that entertain people all over the world.


Usagyuuun's friend, is actually a normal cat, unlike Usagyuun. Nekogyuuun is a bit of a crybaby.

Ninjin!? (carrot)

A mysterious creature that came at Christmas. It looks like a vegetable carrot, but its true identity is unknown. He is down to earth and good with his hands.

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