A Friendly duo of a Cat & a Rabbit with a cuddly tail and cutie pie cheeks. With their cuteness, they bring laughter and joy to others ! They merrily dance and swing that tail, being cuddly dudley..... and sometime pumped up to become Macho-Macho Man !?



Playful and childlike, a little selfish? has a very energetic personality and is very close to cats! Favorite food is apples


Playful and childlike, but a solid person. Good at cooking and eating! Favorite food is fish.

Nezu chan

I lived secretly behind the roof where Mimi and Neko lived. Favorite food is cheese.

Oshiri Star

Oshiri Star put bumbum on Mimi and Neko. He (or she?) tries to fulfill someone's wish, but still seems to fail in half a serving.

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