Dooro Bear is a elf of plant called Bear's paw. When he was a just plant, he was ignored by it's master and withered, then been abandoned. DooroBear was picked up by plant shop florist who happened to pass by where he was abandoned, and he then took care of him every day. Then, the cute elf ""Doro Bear"" was born. In this way, a heartwarming story began with the various customers who came to the plant shop and their fellow DoroBear.



English name is "DODO".
Innocent and cheerful elf of plant (Bear's paw). He's a gentle boy, though he's always bogged down.
He loves good food and caring for people. Sometimes he says words of wisdom.


English name is "COMI".
A Elf of white Bear's paw plant. She loves delicious food and glitter things. Sometimes cold, but sometimes affectionate.


The optimistic elf of Lithops. Bright and always fine.
He has a strong sense of justice, and he is loved by others.

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