"Character" "Content" "Global". These are the three keywords in Quan's business. I first became involved with mobile content development in 2001, over 10 years ago. With the introduction of the smartphone and increased mobile internet speeds, mobile content and service purchases have become commonplace. We ask ourselves what kind of value we can bring to the world in this environment, which ties into these three keywords. Although times still rapidly change, I hope the Quan team will continue to create characters, content, and services that are loved around the world.

Kazuhiro Mizuno

Kazuhiro worked as an editor for DTM Magazine published by Terajima Joho Kikaku Co., Ltd. while studying at Chuo University, and joined the company after his graduation. There he was involved with the conception and production of various mobile sites for ringtones, deco mail, and custom themes. His deco mail became the #1 site in Japan with over 1 million suscribers. In 2009 he became the CEO of tekunodo, a subsidiary, where he oversaw smartphone app development, such as "Touch the Numbers." The app downloads were cumulatively over 10 million. In 2011, he founded Quan Inc.


Company Name Quan Inc.
Location (TOKYO)
3-1-11 Yoyogi, Shibuya Tokyo 151-0053
Phone +81-3-6300-0173
Establish August 2011
Business Service planning and development of smartphone applications & web.
Head CEO Kazuhiro Mizuno
BOARD Jun Ogawa
BOARD Yuki Kido
BOARD Masaki Yoshimine


people working at Quan
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Company Name Quan Inc.
Location 3F, 3-1-11 Yoyogi, Shibuya Tokyo 151-0053
Phone +81-3-6300-0173
Head CEO Kazuhiro Mizuno


Company Name Quan Thailand Co., Ltd.
Location Sethiwan Tower, 139 Pan Road, Silom, Bangrak,Bangkok, 10500, Thailand
Head 代表取締役 水野和寛