We create characters, content, and services that transcend borders.
  • Characters Contents

    We have created over 500 original characters, used in various platforms both domestic and foreign, and our stickers.
  • Game Contents

    We are distributing game that people around the world loves into Japan by delegating copyright.
  • Global Publishing

    We support clients' character for international distribution, such as market research and analysis, translation, specification changes, local SNS operating, advertising and PR.
  • Sugar Cubs
  • Business Fish
  • Piyomaru
  • Mr.Egg
  • Elice
  • Unblock Me
  • emotipon


Creating characters, content, and services that transcend borders, and build a structure to distribute them globally.

Quan has consistently operated its contents business with an eye on the entire world.
Not just in Japan, but with platform and carrier partners in the US, China, Thailand, and Singapore, Quan has brought its characters to hundreds of millions of users.


Work with us!

Since its founding in 2011, we have utilized our strengths to create content that is well-received globally. With a user-first mindset, we develop services such as games and stickers, having fun but without compromise, always thinking of how we can make our content pleasurable for our users. Through tools that analyze thousands of stickers' usages and emotional expressions, we are studying the nature of global non-verbal communication. "User-first service mindset," "unique R&D that connects to the world." Quan is looking for people who share in that vision.


We have more comfortable environment to work
  • Online-based Communication
  • Provide modern working environment
  • Working with the fixed time
  • We work on our products only
  • Working globally, Living abroad
  • Supply books whenever you need